Aggregation Programs


City of Xenia residents have approved at the ballot aggregation programs for both natural gas and electric that allow the City to procure power of behalf of Xenia residents.  The City seeks competitive quotes from and contracts with alternative suppliers for energy while residents continue receiving transmission and distribution services from the local utility provider.  In Xenia, those local utility providers are AES for electric and CenterPoint Energy for natural gas.  Xenia residents continue to be billed by the local utility provider when they participate in City aggregation programs.  

The City contracts with an aggregation consultant Palmer Energy who can help residents navigate this arena of utility aggregation.  It is recomended that residents direct questions to Palmer Energy at  419-491-1040.  Residents may also contact the City Utility Billing division at 937-376-7242.


Residents are not required to participate in City aggregation programs.  Residents may choose to:

  1. Opt-out of the aggregation program and continue to use the local utility supplier.  Before being enrolled in City aggregation programs, the resident will receive a letter giving the resident an opportunity to opt-out. If the resident completes and returns the opt-out request, then the local utility supplier will continue as the energy supplier.
  2. Participate in the program. No specific action is required to be enrolled in the program. If the resident does not have an agreement with a supplier for services and they do not return the opt-out form, then the resident will be automatically enrolled.
  3. Residents may choose to enter into an agreement with a third party supplier. Numerous suppliers offer discounted rates in this service area. Residents can review their options and choose the supplier based on their individual needs. A list of options and providers can be viewed at Ohio Energy Choice. Variables to be considered include:
  • What is the price per kilowatt hour (kWh)?
  • What is the term of the agreement?
  • Is the rate fixed or variable?
  • Is there an early termination fee?
  • Is there a monthly fee?