Five-Year CIP

Development of a Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan (PDF) (Five-Year CIP) is a best practice among municipal governments and is a requirement of the Charter of the City of Xenia. City Charter §9.11 (A) - (B) stipulates that prior to October 1st of each year, the Xenia City Manager must submit to the City Council a five-year capital improvement program.

The City of Xenia’s Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan is developed annually to do the following:

  • Provide a description of the City’s major capital improvement projects
  • Establish a blueprint for prioritizing and phasing the implementation of projects among our capital programs
  • Present a long-term spending plan and detail how the implementation of specific capital investments will be funded

Creating the Plan

Creation of the Five-Year CIP facilitates important discussions on the state of our infrastructure and finances. Final approval of the plan ensures understanding and consensus among Xenia’s leadership on key policy priorities to be pursued in the coming years related to capital programs. The City Manager's Office in conjunction with Finance, put the plan together and present it to City Council. The Plan is updated many times throughout the year, and is constantly evolving, but typically only published in detail in the fall as a snapshot of the current plan at the time of publish. 

Funding the Plan

The Five-Year CIP is not a budget and approval of the plan does not commit funding for any specific capital project or purchase. This plan provides an analysis of the City’s overall capital investment needs and provides a set of recommendations to aid in annual decision making on capital purchase projects. The Five-Year CIP serves as a bridge between visioning and implementation for City Council and administrative leadership. The process of publishing, reviewing, and approving the plan affords an opportunity for accountability and transparency for the entire community.