What's neXt, Xenia? Make your voice heard!

Xenia is YOUR home, and this is YOUR chance to shape its future! 

Thank you for your participation!

We have now closed the most recent neXtPlan survey, which gathered detailed input for specific geographic areas of Xenia. We heard from nearly 110 people in this latest survey, on top of the hundreds who have participated in previous surveys, meetings and pop-up events.

What's next?

The City's planning team is reviewing the latest survey responses and will publish a summary report on this webpage. The team will use this information, along with data from previous public participation efforts and the Xplore Report (see below) to create neXtPlan - a vision statement, goals, policies and implementation strategies to move Xenia forward. 

A draft plan should be ready by April 2024. At that point, Xenia citizens will have an opportunity to review the plan online and at open house-style meetings - and let the planning team know whether they got it right! The planning team will review comments from citizens' review of the draft plan, and make changes as needed.

After public review of the draft plan, neXtPlan will be presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council for formal adoption. Then the hard work of plan implementation begins!

Publication of the draft neXtPlan and dates of meetings and other opportunities to participate will be announced on this webpage and through social media, email lists, and other publicity channels.

November-December Engagement Report: Click Here

During November and December of 2023, we hosted a public meeting and an additional online survey for those who couldn't make it to the meeting. We also hosted focus groups with older adults as well as high school students. View this report to see what we learned!

September-October Engagement Report: Click Here

We've been out in the community - at meetings, local businesses, festivals, food truck rallies, football practices, and more! View this report to see what we learned from our outreach efforts during the fall of 2023!

Xplore Report: Learn about survey results and community trends! 

Click the Xplore Report link to the left to see results of the late 2022/early 2023 neXtPlan community survey, plus data analysis and mapping. Click on the images, maps and graphs to enlarge or interact. This information is here for you to explore so residents and leaders can all be on the same page as we plan for the future. You can also access a printable PDF version by clicking here.