Law Department

The Law Department is under the direction of the Law Director and consists of the City Prosecution Division and the Victim Advocate Division. The Law Department has six full-time employees and one part-time employee.

Law Director

The Law Director is appointed by and reports to the City Council and is required by law to be an attorney admitted to practice in Ohio. The Law Director acts as the legal advisor, attorney and counsel for the City and all its Departments, Divisions, Boards and Commissions. The Law Director has the supervision of all legal affairs of the City and represents the City in all civil actions in which the City is a party. The Law Director is also responsible for the preparation of all legislation, subject to the direction of Council, and the preparation of all contracts and other written instruments in which the City is concerned. 

City Prosecution Division

The City Prosecution Division is headed by the City Prosecutor, who is responsible for misdemeanor criminal prosecutions in the Xenia Municipal Court. The City Prosecutor represents the City or the State in all such prosecutions, in administrative appeals under ORC Chapter 4510, and in appeals from the Xenia Municipal Court. 

Victim Advocate Division

The Victim Advocate Division is headed by the Victim Advocate Supervisor and consists of two full-time and one part-time Victim Advocates.  The Victim Advocate Division provides support and court advocacy for victims of misdemeanor crimes that are prosecuted through the Xenia Municipal Court.   To learn more about the Victim Advocate Division click here.

Need an Attorney?

Please be aware that the City’s Law Department cannot provide legal advice to private citizens, nor can the Department legally make attorney referrals.  If you have a legal issue and need an attorney, you can contact the Greene County Bar Association (937.562.5040) or the Dayton Bar Association (937.222.7902) to search for attorneys in the Xenia area.  Lower-income individuals may be eligible for legal services through Legal Aid of Western Ohio (937.228.8088).