Planning and Zoning Division

What is Planning?
City planning is a partnership between the City and you (citizens) to make Xenia a wonderful place to live, work and play! Planning involves working with citizens and leaders to develop and implement a vision for the future development of the community. Learn about guides and plans for future development and growth in Xenia.

What is Zoning (and other land use laws)?

Land use regulations include zoning, subdivision and property maintenance laws, which are one way to implement a community’s vision for future development.

  • Zoning and subdivision laws set standards for how buildings and land can be used, how and where various types of buildings can be built, and how land can be developed and subdivided in an orderly manner to ensure adequate access, parking and utilities.
  • The property maintenance code sets minimum standards for safe and sanitary maintenance of buildings and property.

These land use regulations act together to preserve and balance private property rights and public safety, health, and quality of life.

What does the Planning and Zoning Department do?

  • Helps Xenia plan for the future by developing plans with community input and advising Xenia leaders on development-related decisions.
  • Oversees zoning permitting and enforcement, including the provision of staff support to the Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals, and review/guidance for subdivisions, zoning code/map amendments and Planned Unit Developments.
  • Oversees enforcement of Xenia’s property maintenance code.
  • Manages and collaborates on strategic community improvement projects in areas such as infrastructure, economic/community development, and parks and recreation.