Code Enforcement

Your partner in maintaining strong, stable neighborhoods!

Xenians take great pride in their neighborhoods and business districts. This pride is what makes Xenia a great place to live, work and play.

However, like many diverse communities, Xenia contains some areas which have experienced disinvestment and vacancy. This results in deferred maintenance of some homes and businesses.

The Property Maintenance Code exists in order to ensure that all properties are maintained to a clean, safe and sanitary standard. It is the job of the Code Enforcement Officers to work with property owners to maintain their property at this standard.

Xenians placed a high priority on improved property maintenance during the 2013 X-Plan process. Clean, safe and sanitary neighborhoods and business districts are critical if we wish to have a livable and desirable community!

See the links below and the Frequently Asked Questions to the right to learn more!

Vegetation Maintenance (PDF) - Guide to the City’s regulations for maintenance of grass, trees and shrubs

Community Checkup (PDF) – the City’s proactive code enforcement process.

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  1. Judd Muterspaw

    Code Enforcement Officer

  2. Fred Barker

    Code Enforcement Officer