Engineering Division

The City of Xenia’s Public Service Engineering Department handles all the engineering and construction inspection concerns for the City. Listed below are all the engineering concerns handled by this department:

  • Materials and Construction Specifications Manual
  • Construction Standard Drawings
  • New Subdivision Construction
  • Traffic Analysis and Sight Distance
  • Storm and Drainage Calculations

Applications for permits can be submitted online by using the link on the sidebar. The Engineering Department handles the following permits:

  • Water/Sewer Tap Permits - View the current Water and Sewer Tap Fees (PDF).
  • Permits to work in the Right-of-Way - Any concrete work in the city right-of-way to add, repair or replace curb, city sidewalk or drive approaches requires a permit and an inspection. The current fee for a permit to work in the right-of-way is $35 per lot.
  • Street Opening Permits - A permit is required to open up the street. Please see the current Water and Sewer Tap Fees (PDF) for the street opening fees and deposit requirements.
  • Irrigation Meter Permits - A permit to install a meter for irrigation purposes to an existing water supply.
  • Utility Work Right-of-Way Permits - Permits for Utility Companies to perform work in the City’s Right-of-Way.

Complete Materials, Construction Manual and Drawings (Updated 2016)

(Or Click on Construction Standard Drawings on the sidebar to access individual drawing pages)