Wastewater Treatment Division

The City of Xenia operates two wastewater treatment plants. The Glady Run WWTP was built in 1958 and the Ford Road WWTP, which was put on line in 1971.

The Ford Road WWTP (779 Ford Road) has a design flow of 3.6 MGD (million gallons per day) while the Glady Run WWTP (2381 Bellbrook Ave.) has a design flow of 4.0 MGD. Both have a peak flow of 12 MGD.

Both plants use Ultraviolet (UV) as the disinfection agent. UV is a safer and more effective disinfection agent as the EPA looks to change disinfection testing from Fecal Coliform to E-Coli.

After waste is disinfected at the Ford Road WWTP, it flows into the Little Miami River, waste from the Glady Run WWTP discharges into the Glady Run Creek, which is a tributary of the Little Miami River.

Supervisor: Edward Walker

Operators: Mark Leaming, Chad Galliger, Todd Page, Johnny Shingleton, Shannon Doerner, Nick Williamson

Lab Analysts: Richard Turner, Robert Smith

Process Flow Diagram