Water Treatment Division

At the Xenia Water Treatment Plant, our vision is delivering high quality water and services of tomorrow, today.

Water plays a key role in your health and quality of life. The Xenia Water Treatment Plant (XWTP) plays a key role in providing you with a safe, clean, and healthy water supply. The XWTP operates one water treatment plant in Southwest Ohio by using a combination of 11 wells drawing from two aquifers straddling Highway 68, located north of the Oldtown and the downtown Xenia area. While these aquifers could safely supply eleven million gallons a day, the XWTP presently only taps four to five million gallons a day on average.

XWTP sells water to many entities, such as Greene County, Central State and Wilberforce Universities, bulk water purchasers, and surrounding residents.

2022 Consumer Confidence Report

Be confident….Xenia water is the best….Checkout our City of Xenia 2022 Consumer Confidence Report.

The City of Xenia conducts a yearly water quality report covering all water testing performed each year. We are mandated to report the results of this intense testing annually. Find the details of our 2022 findings (PDF)!

Plant History

Xenia Water Treatment Plant is a government operated public utility service providing drinking water to more than 25,000 people in Xenia and the surrounding metropolitan area. The plant was established as a public municipality in 1942 and has been customer-owned ever since. In 1982, the original plant was replaced by the current facility after the 1979 construction was completed and the new plant was placed in service. Today, it is eagerly streaming towards the 21st century by updating key operational and supply components with efficient current technological advances and a heightened security arena.

XWTP also monitors hundreds of acres in its Source Water Protection Program comprised with farm land, residences, light businesses, and some slightly forested areas with the Little Miami River and Massie Creek passing through.