Bill Adjustments / Disputes

Water Leaks

If you repair a water leak, you may request an adjustment by completing the form that is available below: 

Water Leak Forms

Portable Meter Rental (Hose Bib)

Utility customers may from time to time wish to utilize water temporarily for a task that will not require sanitary sewer treatment.  Examples of this may include the filling of a swimming pool or the watering of new sod.  If a customer wishes to avoid sanitary sewer charges when engaging in these types of activities, the customer may rent a temporary portable meter (Hose Bib).

Portable Meter Rental Form

Billing Disputes

If your billing issue cannot be resolved with the Utility Billing Division, you may submit a billing dispute using the form available below. Please read the Rules and Regulations related to billing disputes before submitting your dispute form. Your dispute must include specific information about why the billing was incorrect and what specific adjustment you are requesting.

Billing Dispute Forms

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