Why is my bill so high?

Meters are read monthly via a remote reading device on your water meter. The billing cycle is as follows:

  • Meters are read the first week of the month.
  • Bills mailed for this meter reading  around the 18th of the  month.
  • Bills are due the 4th of the following month.

For example, if the meter is read March 1st, the reading period will for all of February. The bill for this consumption would be mailed mid-March with a due date of April  4th. If your bill is higher than normal, please look at the reading dates on the bill to determine if there was a reason for additional usage during that period (e.g., filling of a pool, leak repaired, additional individuals in your home during this period, or longer or shorter meter reading.)

Potential Water Leaks

During the 24 hour period immediately prior to the meter reading, if there has not been a single hour when water was not used, the remote reading device on your water meter sends a potential leak signal with the reading. In your home or business, if continuous 24 hour water usage is normal, then the leak signal can be ignored, but if this is not normal for your home or business, please review a copy of the Checking for Water Leaks (PDF).

If you repair a leak, you may request an adjustment by completing the form that is available below: Request for Adjustment Due to Water Leak Fillable (PDF)

Rules and Regulations related to Water Leaks (PDF)

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