Victim Advocate Division

The Victim Advocate Division is a support and advocacy program for victims of violent misdemeanor crime. The program was implemented in January 1995 and is funded by federal grants and through the Xenia Municipal Court Victim Fund. The first of its kind, the victim fund was created by the Honorable Susan L. Goldie and consists of court costs assessed by the court and filtered into the fund. The idea behind the victim fund is that the people who commit the crimes should be the only citizens paying for the programs that assist crime victims.

Judge Susan Goldie did not want law-abiding taxpayers bearing the brunt of the costs for these programs. It is the mission of the Victim Advocate Division to restore the balance of the criminal justice system by maintaining a recognized presence during pending violent misdemeanor cases, protecting the rights and fair treatment of crime victims, and assisting citizens in overcoming the trauma of crime victimization.