Domestic Violence

Ohio law states "No person shall knowingly cause or attempt to cause physical harm to a family or household member; No person shall recklessly cause serious physical harm to a family or household member; No person, by threat of force, shall knowingly cause a family or household member to believe that the offender will cause imminent physical harm to the family or household member."

Domestic Violence Safety Plan

  • Know the location of the local police or sheriff’s department
  • Have your purse, car keys, emergency phone numbers and some cash in a place that can be easily reached
  • Put aside emergency money as you can and find a safe place to hide it
  • Know where the nearest pay phone is located
  • Teach your children how to contact 911 and plan a code word to signal to them that they should get help
  • Know the phone number for your local domestic violence crisis line
  • Practice with your children how to get out of the house safely, and designate a safe place for them to go if they have to leave the house without you
  • Pack an extra set of clothes for you and your children, store them at a trusted friend’s house
  • If you have a car, keep it fueled and leave the driver’s side unlocked in case you have to make a quick escape. Inform your children how to quickly get into the car
  • If you have a protection order, give a copy to your friends and employer, and always keep a copy with you