Police Division

Letter from the Chief

Thank you for visiting the Xenia Police Division’s webpage.  Here you will find valuable information about our department, its goals and the community we serve.

If you are a resident, visiting, working or just traveling through the City of Xenia, we strive to provide you with the highest quality of service.

If you need the Xenia Police Division, for a simple question or minor concern, please call our Central Dispatch Center using the non-emergency line.   I want you to know all calls are important to us.

We are a CALEA nationally accredited agency and one of our goals is to address the needs of the public.  The Division has always supported the foundation of community policing and building strong community relationships.  With the community remaining at the heart of our mission, we have adopted the precision policing model.  This model enables an agency of our size and financial limitations the ability to focus on local problems by applying local solutions.

Our community has five areas that have been identified as priorities by the Police Division and community members; 1. Drugs and all related crimes; 2. Homelessness and mental health; 3. Problematic businesses (repeated calls, selling of goods that support addiction); 4. Quality of life issues in neighborhoods and parks; 5. Police recruitment/retention and officer wellness.  

Our mission is to be precise and intentional as we focus our time and resources to address these areas. Remember, you the resident, are our eyes and ears of the neighborhoods and we encourage you to notify the Police Division of any criminal or suspicious activity.  You may call the non-emergency line or use the anonymous tip portal found on this website.   

I am proud to be a member of this community and to serve as your Police Chief.

Chris Stutes