Services & Statistics

The Victim Assistance program provides the following services:

  • Court advocacy and escort during all stages of the criminal justice process
  • Assistance in requesting protection orders, preparing and presenting victim impact statements, and notification of crime victim rights
  • Victim representation in certain court proceedings upon request of the victim
  • 24-hour crisis response
  • Notification and explanation of court dates and times
  • Information about the criminal justice process
  • Assistance in applying for financial compensation under the Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program
  • Appropriate referrals to social service agencies

Unfortunately, crime continues to be prevalent in our country, and our hometowns are no different. The Victim Assistance Program serves victims of violent misdemeanor crime in all jurisdictions of Greene County except Fairborn, Beavercreek, and Bath and Beavercreek Townships.


The Victim Assistance Program compiled the following statistics for cases from October 2006 through September 2007:

  • Domestic Violence: 141
  • Stalking/Menacing: 28
  • Assault: 223
  • Child Endangering: 39
  • Other Offenses: 130

These statistics show that 590 citizens from Xenia became victims of crime in 1 year.