Support Services Unit

The Administrative Services Section falls under the direct supervision of the Major of Support Services and consists of Parking Enforcement, the Records Section, and Facility Maintenance. The primary function of this section is to ensure that all the basic needs of the Patrol Services Section and the Special Services Section are met in order to carry out their assignments.

Greene County Regional SWAT Team

The Xenia Police Division and the Greene County Sheriff’s Office maintain a special response team. This team of Officers and Deputies receives advanced and detailed training in special weapons and tactics for critical incidents. The members of the SWAT Team continually train together to provide the capability for response to unusual situations, stakeouts, hostage situations, barricaded subjects, and high risk warrant service.

C.N.T. (Crisis Negotiations Team)

The C.N.T. consists of Officers specially trained in crisis negotiations. The negotiators are trained to communicate with any suspect in hostage situations. The C.N.T.’s goal is to end all situations with no loss of life or injury. 

S.T.U. (Special Technology Unit)

The S.T.U. consists of Officers who are certified Federal Aviation Administration unmanned aircraft systems pilots. These pilots operate 2 different Police Division drones and can be used for situations such as: locating missing persons and security at special events.

Parking Enforcement

Working under the general supervision and direction of the Police Division, Parking Enforcement manages the parking program, which includes issuing citations for handicapped parking, fire lane violations, parking meter enforcement, and all other parking violations. Parking Enforcement also supervises the volunteer program for the Xenia Police Division.


The Records Unit has the responsibility of maintaining the files and records of police activity in the area of crimes, traffic accidents, and enforcement services. They also microfilm records and provide statistics and data to the Administrative Section for the varied weekly, monthly and annual reports as required by the city, state, and federal agencies.