Criminal Investigation Services

There are four detectives (one for each geographical section of the city) who have the responsibility to conduct criminal investigations of all misdemeanor and felony crimes reported in the City of Xenia. These detectives conduct interviews, collect evidence, apprehend criminals, and work closely with the prosecutor’s office to prosecute criminal offenders. In addition, there is one detective assigned to the DIVERT program and one detective who works directly with the Greene County Agencies for Combined Enforcement (ACE) to investigate and prosecute drug offenders in Greene County.


The DIVERT Program is a collaborative project among the Xenia Police Division, Greene County Domestic Violence Project, and the Greene County Children’s Services Board. DIVERT is an early intervention program designed to decrease incidences of domestic violence in the community by having a police officer/social worker team respond to domestic violence and dispute calls. Victims and families are provided with home-based crisis intervention, referrals to community resources, safety plans, and follow-up support. The DIVERT detective’s office is located at the site of the Family Violence Prevention Center.