Community Development

The Neighborhood Services Division of the Development Department is responsible for the administration of initiatives and programs designed to provide housing assistance, community and neighborhood development, historic preservation, and downtown revitalization.


The Division, served by a Community Development Coordinator, is responsible for the administration of initiatives and programs designed to implement the policies set by City Council including the creation and preservation of affordable housing, improvement of infrastructure, revitalization of the downtown business district, and seeking to bridge unmet needs for low-to-moderate-income persons. The City supports projects and organizations that create new homes and jobs, improve existing homes, improve infrastructure such as streets, sidewalks and sewers, revitalize the downtown, reduce blighting influences in the neighborhoods and throughout the City, celebrate community, and assist low- to moderate-income households.

The day-to-day responsibilities of the Neighborhood Services Division include administering Community Development Programs through Federal and State grants that are awarded to the City of Xenia. The Neighborhood Services Division seeks to continuously improve and celebrate the Xenia community through the design/implementation of programs and policies as directed by Xenia City Council with an emphasis on communicating, listening to, surveying the assets and needs of the community, and balancing resources and priorities to provide responsive services.