Civil Division

The Civil Division of Xenia Municipal Court has jurisdiction over cases up to $15,000. Small Claims cases may go up to $6,000.

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Note: Any civil filing must be received by the civil clerk no later than thirty (30) minutes before court closing time (3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday). Any civil filing received by the civil clerk less than thirty (30) minutes before the close of the day will be completed the following business day. Decisions regarding multiple filings or special circumstances will be at the discretion of the civil clerk.

Cost Schedule
Small Claims Complaints (Includes Initial Service)$70
Additional Defendants$20
Debtor Examination - per defendant (Includes Initial Service)$30
Wage Garnishment$140
Bank Attachment$60
Fee to Banking Institution$1
Transfer from Small Claims Docket to Civil Division$50
Civil Suit (Includes Initial Service)$130
Additional Defendants$20
Forcible Entry and Detainer Action (Includes Service)$140
Additional Defendants$25
Writ of Restitution (Includes Service)$60
Replevin Action (Includes Service)$130
Revivor Action - per defendant (Includes Service)$40
Petition to Appeal License or FR Suspension$130
Petition for Driving Privileges for BMV Payment Plans$130
Praecipe for Certificate of Judgment$20
Issuing Subpoenas$15
Executions (Includes Service and Deposit)$250
Jury Deposit (must be paid before the trial date is scheduled)$500
Jury List$15
Jury Summons (Usually 80 per jury trial - $80)$1
Witness Fees (each party, $12 full day / $6 - half day + mileage per IRS current rates if out of Xenia City limits)

Juror Fees - Appeared but not seated$10
Juror Fees - Appeared and seated (per day)$15
Contempt Action - per defendant (Includes Initial Service)$30
Amended Complaint (Service for each party)$30
Third-Party Complaint - per defendant (Includes Service)$50
Landlord/Tenant Action (Rent must be deposited with fee)$25
Certified Copies$5
Transfer to Another Court$50
Transfer from Another Court$130
Alias Service (each party) by certified mail$20
Alias Service (each party) by Bailiff$30
Alias Service with certificate of mailing$10
Exemplified Copy of Judgment Entry$10
Appeal (Check made payable to "Greene County Clerk of Courts")$125
Transcript of Docket and Journal Entries$100
Sealing of Record (per application)$50
Sealing of Record (Dismissal or Not Guilty)$ 0
Peace Bonds$130
Record Checks (first 100 pages, additional pages $0.10 per page)$20
Dog Designation Hearing$125
Motion to Re-open Sealed Case$50
Post Judgment Motions (e.g. Rule 60B, Vacate, Re-open)$25
Motion for Summary Judgment$20
Order to Transfer Title$60