Jury Service

Instructions for Jury Service

If you have been selected to serve on a jury in the Xenia Municipal Court, Greene County, Xenia, Ohio, you are requested to read the following instructions:

  • Return jury questionnaire as soon as possible
  • Keep instructions and summons

You should report to the Xenia Municipal Court by 8:30 a.m. on the morning your service is to begin. Please bring your summons with you when you report for jury duty in the Xenia Municipal Court. A parking map and pass in included. When you arrive, report directly to the City Council Room on the 2nd floor of the City Building. An elevator is located on the 1st floor. Handicap accessible restrooms are also on the 2nd floor. Please bring reading materials since there are frequently delays in the proceedings. Required attire is business casual. PLEASE BRING YOUR SUMMONS WHEN YOU COME FOR JURY SERVICE.

Jury trials held in the Xenia Municipal Court are on Thursdays and normally only last for a period of one day and may extend past the normal 4:00 p.m. closing time. However, if one day is not sufficient to finish the case, the Court will be called back into session on Friday.

Note: Sometimes cases are settled prior to trial. Therefore, on the Wednesday prior to the date of your scheduled jury service, please call the court at 937-376-7300, after 5 p.m., to hear a recorded message that will inform you as to whether or not you must appear.

Reasons to Be Excused From Court

You are excused from Jury duty only if the Court has dismissed you. You must complete the exemption form, indicating the reason(s) you wish to be excused, and return it for review by the Judge of the Xenia Municipal Court. The Court will notify you if you are excused. If you are not notified, then you should contact the Court to determine if you are required to appear for jury service. Under penalty as prescribed by law, failure to comply could result in Contempt of Court proceedings against you.

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