Our Mission & Vision

The vision of the Xenia Municipal Court is to provide innovative and exemplary court services to the people of Greene County. The mission of the Xenia Municipal Court is to be an exemplary Court.

The City of Xenia’s goal is to become exemplary in the following:

  • Promoting fair and efficient justice under the law for all people, and the timely disposition of their case
  • The way every single person is treated with courtesy and respect
  • The way our employees work with professionalism and diligence
  • Being accessible to all
  • Resolving matters and disputes in a fair and timely manner
  • Being culturally diverse
  • Partnering effectively with City departments, our community, attorneys and other courts
  • Utilizing technology effectively to expedite cases as accurately and efficiently as possible
  • Providing a safe, rewarding, motivating and enjoyable work atmosphere for our employees
  • Providing a clean, attractive and contemporary Court environment
  • Demonstrating fiscal accountability with integrity to the City and County finance departments and ultimately the taxpayers of Greene County and State of Ohio
  • Pursuing a standard of excellence when recording and preserving legal records and documents
  • Creating and maintaining an environment that is safe and secure for court officials, court employees, persons conducting court business, defendants and visitors
  • A trained and prepared court security team and staff for all potential threats, disasters or emergency situations including proper response procedures