Programs, Grants & Services

The Neighborhood Services Division of the Development Department offers a number of special programs and services.

The city, sometimes in coordination with Greene County Development Department, applies for federal and state grants each year to leverage funds in the best way possible to create city-wide improvements to strengthen the lives of all of its residents and businesses - with special emphasis on improving the lives of low-moderate income residents and reducing slum and blight. The City of Xenia uses community development block grants (CDBG) to fund many improvements, including housing, sidewalks, parks, public facilities, historic rehab, and other benefits to Xenia residents and businesses.

Spring Hill May 15, 2012 Shelter Construction

Grant Projects

Since 2006, the Community Development Department, now Neighborhood Services Division, has implemented and/or written and obtained over 15 different grants worth over $3 million in federal and state funds.

Some grant programs administered by the Neighborhood Services Division of the Development Department in the past/present include:

  • Annual CDBG Allocations throughout the city
  • The HUD Hope VI-Main Street 2015 for Xenia Shoe and Leather Housing underway currently
  • The Community Housing Impact and Preservation Program 2014 CHIP Housing Grant (administered by Greene County)
  • The Downtown Tier 2 Revitalization Program of 2009
  • The Discretionary Grant Program for repairs at 81/87 East Main Street
  • The Pipeline Grant to help fund the Downtown Xenia Historic District nomination to the National Register of Historic Places (completed September 2014)
  • Neighborhood Stabilization Program of 2009 (NSP), The Ohio Arts Council Facilitation Grant, 2008