Violations Bureau


Based upon Ohio law and local rules of court, the Xenia Municipal Court has a Violations Bureau for the payment of fines and costs for certain offenses. If you wish to waive your right to contest the charges in a trial and if you have a violation that does not require a court appearance, then you may pay the amount specified in the Fine Schedule. The stated amount may be paid in person at the Clerk of Court’s Office by cash or credit card, or you may mail a money order payable to Xenia Municipal Court. A 4% convenience fee is charged to all credit card payments.

If you would prefer to have a receipt, then enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your payment.

When a personal appearance is not required, and you wish to enter a plea of guilty, then please sign the waiver on the back of your citation and forward your payment. Payment must be received prior to the scheduled date of your court appearance. If your violation is a moving violation, then you must include proof of insurance of the vehicle involved with your payment. Insurance information must prove that you have insurance on the day and time you received the citation.

Online payments (Click the CourtView icon below) - Find step-by-step instructions (PDF)

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Acceptable Insurance

Acceptable insurance includes a statement from your insurance company that you were covered on the day and at the time you received your citation or a copy of your insurance card or insurance policy. If you were driving a vehicle belonging to someone else and you do not have insurance, then check with the owner of the vehicle to see if your were covered under the owner’s policy. You will then be required to show proof of coverage under the owner’s policy.

After Hour Payments

After the Court’s normal business hours, citations may be paid in person at the Xenia City Hall by entering the building through the Market Street entrance. A copy of the citation must be included with the payment to ensure proper credit. Enclose a copy of your proof of insurance. Place citation, payment, and proof of insurance into one of the envelopes provided then deposit it into the night depository.