Play Xenia

Play Xenia is a comprehensive recreation needs assessment and action plan for Xenia.

Play Xenia grew out of X-Plan, the City’s comprehensive plan adopted in 2013. During the development of X-Plan, Xenia citizens identified recreation as a top priority, including ideas such as a potential recreation center, more recreation-oriented businesses, and improvements to various parks as priorities. Play Xenia identifies Xenia’s needs on a more detailed level and provides an implementation plan with cost estimates for tangible improvements.

The vision, mission and goals of Play Xenia and the final Play Xenia report are provided below. To learn about the process that created Play Xenia, click "Process" to the left. If you have additional questions you can contact the City Planner at 937-376-7285.


Develop parks and recreation facilities and programs that make Xenia a community of choice.


Form public-private partnerships that leverage the capabilities of Xenia’s health and recreation institutions toward shared recreation and wellness goals.


  • Develop a recreation center for the Xenia community.
  • Strategically invest in park improvements that build and sustain community value.
  • Create a clearinghouse for recreational program promotion and coordination.