Play Xenia is citizen-driven - it reflects the goals, ideas, and priorities that Xenians expressed through an extensive public involvement process. The links below provide details of each public involvement step.

Community Survey

Over 600 Xenians completed a community recreation survey online or via mail or drop off. The survey was mailed to every Xenia household and advertised via media outlets, the City’s website, Facebook, Twitter and utility bills. Results of this survey helped the City and its partners identify recreation projects, initiatives and priorities.

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee consisted of policy-makers as well as recreation facility owners and funding sources, including:

  • Xenia City Council
  • Xenia Board for Recreation
  • Arts and Cultural Activities
  • Xenia Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Greene County Parks and Trails
  • Greene County Combined Health District
  • Xenia Community School District
  • Xenia Adult Recreation and Service Center
  • YMCA
  • Athletes in Action
  • Rotary
  • Xenia Nazarene/The Cleft

The role of this committee was to listen to community needs expressed by residents and data analysis, and then to help identify partnerships and solutions to meet the needs. This community included individuals who can play key roles in implementing the plan. Staff interviewed each committee member and held a series of committee meetings throughout the process.

Program Survey

The online program survey was distributed to those who manage recreation programs and leagues, own recreation-oriented businesses, or are involved with arts and cultural programming. The survey sought opinions about recreation needs as well as data on types of activities and participation levels.

Program Manager Focus Groups

Program managers were also invited to participate in Focus Group meetings with a goal of building consensus on shared needs and goals.

Needs Assessment Report

City staff developed a report that summarized and analyzed all input received from citizens and stakeholders, as well as data regarding park characteristics, demographic and market data, and activity participation trends. Staff distilled the information into key conclusions that informed actions to improve recreation in Xenia.

Neighborhood Workshops

The City held public meetings in various sections of the City to directly engage residents in discussion about recreation. Staff presented the key findings of the needs assessment report and asked citizens whether they agree and whether there are needs that are unique to their neighborhood.

Online Participation

Similar to the X-Plan process, the City offered an online discussion website that allowed citizens to view, prioritize, supplement and comment on the key findings of the Needs Assessment Report.

Public Presentations

The Play Xenia Report is available on this website and was presented to the Board for Recreation, Arts and Cultural Activities (BRACA), Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC), and City Council. An open house event on June 22 is the final event, which involves presentation of key action plan recommendations to the public.