Bike Paths & Trails

If you ask someone what they most like about the City of Xenia, Ohio, it is likely that they will respond with, "Their incredible network of bike paths and walking trails!" Xenians are proud of the fact that they can be on any one of four major bike paths within a matter of minutes from anywhere in the City.

Xenia Station

This county seat was once a railroad hub, and it has become a trail hub with the opening of Xenia Station. Located on the site of an old depot, Xenia Station houses equipment rentals, concessions, classrooms, a visitor information center, and a bicycle patrol headquarters in a replica of a 19th century railroad building. The non-profit group, Friends of Xenia Station, provides invaluable support to the City with maintenance of the Station and have undertaken many activities since its inception. .

Xenia is an Official Trail Town

On September 5, 2014, Xenia become an official Buckeye and North Country Trail Town. Read more.

National Recognition

The availability and safety of an outstanding network of scenic walking and biking trails has led to Xenia’s designation as one of "America’s 10 Fittest Cities for Women," by Health Magazine. The American Hiking Society has named Xenia a Charter Member of the Trail Town USA Hall of Fame and a Top 10 Trail Town.

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