Seasonal Services

The City of Xenia offers several seasonal services to its residents. Be advised when one of the following is scheduled to take place you may receive notice in one or more of the following ways: a notice left on your door, information on this website’s home page, information on the City’s Government Channel (Channel 5), or a notice on your utility bill in the "message" section.

Snow Removal

The Public Service Department manages a fleet of vehicles that are used all year long for various tasks. Many of these vehicles are able to be equipped with snow removal equipment. When winter weather approaches, these vehicles will be fitted with the snow removal equipment and supplied with the necessary salt/de-icing products. When possible, pre-salting will take place to avoid initial icing. Plowing will be prioritized to the main roads, the City’s designated snow routes, main intersections and bridges, and then the neighborhoods. Those residents with a medical need that must be able to get out for treatments, etc., should notify the City in advance by calling 937-376-7265 (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), so crews can prioritize those locations. After normal business hours, please call the City’s non-emergency Police Number at 937-372-9901.

As always, dial 911 for emergencies.

The Public Service Department asks that you keep your vehicles off the street until plowing is complete. Municipal parking lots will be cleared for off-street parking. For your safety and the safety of our vehicle operators, please stay out of the way of the plows so they can do their job. Remember to drive cautiously due to ice that may be under the snow.

During snow events, be sure to stay tuned to your local news for up-to-date weather bulletins.


Per Section 660.05 of our Codified Ordinances, owners or occupants of lots or lands abutting any sidewalk are required to keep it free of snow and ice within a reasonable amount of time, which will ordinarily not exceed 12 hours from the snow/ice event or before 9 a.m. If it is not possible to remove all the snow/ice, the owner/occupant shall cover the snow/ice with a coating of salt, sand, or other substance.

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Every spring City crews fill potholes left by the winter weather. If you wish to report a pothole that needs to be filled, you can do so by reporting the exact location (street address if possible) by calling our Public Service Department at 937-376-7265.

Street Sweeping

The Public Service Department has two Street Cleaners. Each spring, the Public Service Department staff sweeps streets to remove grit from the street gutters left over from the snow removal process. Cleaning the streets of the grit is a slow process because the street cleaners have to be dumped frequently. When they are in your area of the City please be patient as they work steadily to complete this task.

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