Joint Economic Development District (JEDD-1)


Joint Economic Development District

(AKA JEDD-1 or Tecumseh JEDD)

View the resolution that created the Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) (PDF).

Effective May 1, 2011, all employees working within the JEDD and all businesses doing business within the JEDD are required to pay a 2.25% JEDD tax. View an overview of the JEDD tax (PDF). The JEDD District is within Xenia Township on the properties identified by the Greene County Auditor as parcels M36000100141011600, M36000100141011900, and M36000100141021300, which include the Tecumseh School.

View the by-laws (PDF).

The current Board of Directors for the JEDD include: 

Chair --  Donna Saraga, President/CEO of Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce

Vice Chair --  TBD

Secretary -- Jennifer Statzer, Principal at Tecumseh Elementary School

Treasurer -- Ryan Duke, City of Xenia Finance Director

Neelia Jackson, Xenia Township Representative

Brian Vandergriff, Xenia Community Schools