Public Hearing / Public Comment Notices

If you received a Notice of Public Hearing

A notice for a public hearing is a required notice to be sent by the City to property owners who are in the vicinity of a property where development of or changes are proposed. Such notices invite the public to participate in the decision-making process. If you received a notice of public hearing in the mail and you have questions, please contact the staff member at the number listed at the bottom of the notice.

Also, per the approved Charter amendments to Article V: Legislation that appeared on the May 3, 2022, ballot, public hearings are now required for passage of Ordinances. These notices will be published below when public hearings on proposed ordinances have been scheduled.

Public Comments

Invitations for public comments, such as for the Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Plan, will also be posted here.

City Council

One (1) public hearing is scheduled for the March 14, 2024, City Council meeting:

  • CDBG Public Hearing #1: Community Development Implementation Strategy hearing to discuss funding under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Small Cities Program. Click here to view the public hearing notice.

Board of Zoning Appeals

Two (2)  public hearings are scheduled for the upcoming February 26, 2024, Board of Zoning Appeals meeting.  

  • Variance to allow a 30'x24' detached garage to be built 3' from a side lot line instead of the minimum required 10' at the property located at 1348 Commonwealth Dr., filed by James L. Flott. Click here to view the public hearing notice. 
  • Variance to allow the proposed lot's depth to be seven times the lot's width, exceeding the maximum allowed four times the lot width at the property located at 133 Hospitality Dr., filed by Doug Piepmeier, Abercrombie & Assoc. Click here to view the public hearing notice. 

Planning and Zoning Commission

No public hearings are scheduled for the Planning and Zoning Commission