Ohio Veterans' Children's Home

In 1870 the Ohio Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Orphans’ Home was established in Xenia, Ohio. 

In the early years this facility provided a home to children who had lost their Father in the American Civil War. The State of Ohio eventually opened the institution to orphans of all military conflicts and the children of all veterans. In some cases, the children had not lost their parents, but the veteran was physically, emotionally or financially unable to care for his family.
In 1978 the name of the Home was changed to The Ohio Veterans' Children's Home.

The children who called this place home received an academic and vocational education, religious instruction and training in various occupations. 
The Home endured for 125 years - from 1870 until 1995, providing a lifeline to more than 13,500 children. During its existence, the Home provided children with a stable and secure environment, allowing them an opportunity for success during childhood and also as an adult.

For more information regarding the history and preservation of the Ohio Veterans' Children's Home visit their website and Facebook page.