Central State Annexation Request


Central State University & City of Xenia Annexation

Questions and Answers

Q. Why is Central State requesting to be annexed by the City of Xenia?

Because the campus is growing, the University needs a higher level of affordable services to support that growth. By becoming a part of Xenia, the closest municipality, Central State will experience the same benefits that other four-year public Universities in Ohio experience by being located in a city or municipality.  Central State University will also directly benefit from non-contracted water, sewer and Fire/EMS services.

Q. What will be the result of the final annexation?

Central State’s campus and other CSU-owned properties are currently part of and governed by Xenia Township. The final result of the two-phased  annexation process will result in these properties physically becoming part of the City of Xenia, and these properties will start to be governed by the city of Xenia instead of Xenia Township.

Q.  Will the annexation include all of the Wilberforce area?

No.  The annexation request only includes Central State University campus proper and not the residential area of Wilberforce.  If residents of the Wilberforce area desire to be annexed by Xenia, they must first request it.  

Q.   How will the annexation impact the Central State University financially?

Currently Central State contracts with the City of Xenia to provide water, sewer and Fire/EMS services to the University’s main campus. After annexation, the University will become a city customer and will not have to pay surcharges for the service. The annexation initiative is part of Central State’s focus on efficient and effective institutional operations and will complement the University’s commitment to local growth and expansion.  In addition, the University will have access to other city services such as professional planning, economic development and public relations services.

Q.  What are some of the other benefits of the annexation?

The Central State partnership with Xenia will expand the University’s visibility, economic growth and sustainability at a time when the university enrolled one of its largest freshman classes

Through annexation, Central State can become a more engaged business partner with the City of Xenia on education, business attraction and workforce development issues. The City of Xenia will also benefit through critical internships and other programs that will enhance the operations of the city.

Q.   How will the Annexation benefit the City of Xenia financially?

With 350 employees, Central State will become a major new employer for the city.  Given the City’s primary revenue resource is income tax, having a new employer with 350 employees provides revenues that will exceed the costs of providing services and will provide additional funding for citywide services such as police, fire and street maintenance.

Q.   What are the phases for the annexation?

This petition is part of a two-phase annexation process. Phase one will be point of connection between Xenia and Central State properties.  Phase two will be Central State campus buildings.

Q.  What other benefits will Central State and the City of Xenia see as a result of their annexation request?

  • Central State University will become an even more engaged business partner with the City of Xenia on education, business attraction and workforce development issues.
  • Critical internships and other programs will enhance operations of the city.
  • Collaboration on Water related issues issues.
  • Central State will be able to utilize information from City Planning, Zoning and Development staff for growth opportunities. 
  • Annexation will increase the ability to further promote Central State with organizations like Xenia Community Schools, and other local and private organizations focused on education, community development and neighborhood revitalization efforts.
  • The annexation will mutually benefit Central State and Xenia via collaborations on joint purchasing and sharing of fuel, equipment, maintenance services, public relations efforts, community events, service projects and class projects.  
  • Central State University will be looking for more opportunities to connect with external partners for mutual benefit, as will the City of Xenia.
  • Central State will be enriched by relationships with Greene County and the City of Xenia as well as the larger region and the state while both the University and the City look forward to building upon a commitment to further academic excellence, research and innovation.
    If you have additional questions regarding Central State University’s request to be annexed by the City of Xenia, please call the City of Xenia City Manager’s Office at 937-376-7231.