Xenia Street Pole Banner Program

Banner Design May Vary Slightly

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Banner Design May Vary Slightly

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Policies & Guidelines

Section A: PURPOSE

  1. To promote community events and the City in general through the installation of properly designed and installed banners on street poles.
  2. To complement the aesthetic appearance of the City by introducing color, a sense of excitement and community feel through colorful and properly designed banners.
  3. To allow individuals and organizations to participate in the financing of this program through sponsorship.
  4. To create an effective administrative process to manage a City Street Pole Banner Sponsorship Program.
  5. Pursuant to §1026.02 DUTIES OF THE CITY MANAGER. The City Manager is hereby authorized and directed to establish an administrative process, policies, guidelines and fees to implement and carry out the Street Pole Banner Sponsorship Program consistent with the purposes of such Program.


  1. BRACA - The City’s Board for Recreation, Arts & Cultural Activities (*renamed to Xenia Recreation and Events Commission or X-REC).
  2. City Manager’s Office - City officials and staff responsible for coordinating the Banner Program.
  3. Community Event Sponsored Banners are sponsored by BRACA that relate to special community promotional events.
  4. Welcome Banners are banners that are unrelated to any particular event but add vitality and interest to the streetscape. As such, they are rotated at various times throughout the year. These banners are generally only mounted on the decorative street poles or designated street poles by the City of Xenia.
  5. Patriotic Banners are banners that are related to patriotic events and/or holidays throughout the year such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, Flag Day, etc. They add vitality and interest to the streetscape while honoring those patriotic holidays. They will be rotated with the different Patriotic Holidays/Events and the other Welcome Banners
  6. Street Pole Banner Program - All aspects of establishing and maintaining the ongoing use of banner system components by the City.
  7. Sponsoring Agent - Includes individuals, for-profit and non-profit groups and organizations.
  8. Public Service Director - City of Xenia official responsible for the proper installation of the banner program.
  9. Utility or Street Pole Banner - Banners placed on City-owned utility poles reserved expressly for use by the City of Xenia.


The following guidelines shall apply to the Street Pole Banner Sponsorship Program that will be administered by the City of Xenia and coordinated by the City Manager’s Office:

  1. Banners shall not be used for the advertising or promotion of commercial products, corporate entity, or services by the sponsoring agency, organization or person.
  2. Banners shall not be used to convey political messages or campaign or religious messages.
  3. Banners shall not contain any offensive, hateful and/or negative messages or graphics. The City at its sole discretion may refuse to accept and/or fulfill an order for any banner containing language or graphics with a questionable message as deemed by the City.


  1. The graphic design of all banners used in the City of Xenia Street Pole Sponsorship Program shall be developed by the City Manager’s Office and approved by BRACA and may include community events and seasonal banners.


  1. All banners shall be printed on both sides of the banner fabric. 
  2. Street Pole Banners shall be made of marine acrylic canvas or heavy reinforced vinyl resistant to ultraviolet rays, mold and mildew.
  3. Each banner shall have two (2) double stitched reinforced hems and two (2) brass grommets.
  4. Banners shall be 18" x 48" in size.
  5. Banner brackets have been placed on City-owned poles and will be maintained by the City of Xenia.


Sponsors shall follow the City of Xenia Street Pole Banner Program Policy as established herein:

  1. The fee for banner sponsorship reflects the cost of acquisition, installation, including hardware/replacement hardware, removal and storage. The City Manager reserves the right to update this fee depending on the current costs of these items pursuant to the fee schedule in Part Two, Title Twelve, Section 298.01(e) of the Xenia City Code.
  2. Sponsored banners shall be installed for a minimum of sixty (60) days in a calendar year corresponding to the life expectancy of the banner. The proper and safe installation of the banners shall be under the supervision of the Public Service Director.
  3. To insure that individuals, groups and organizations have equal access to the Street Pole Sponsorship Program, the City Manager’s Office reserves the right to limit the number of banners a particular agency, organization or individual can sponsor no more than forty percent (40%) of the available banners. This requirement may be waived by the City Manager’s Office in the event there is not enough demand for banner sponsorship.
  4. Sponsor name can be reflected at the bottom of the banner in an area no larger than 6" by 16". No corporate logo or trademark is permissible. The sponsor’s name shall be in a font that is two inches (2") tall which equals to twelve (12) characters wide in that allotted space. Additional characters may reduce the size of font.
  5. The City Manager’s Office shall determine placement location of the banners within the City and will have the right to implement the program in phases to insure its manageability. 
  6. The City of Xenia is not liable for any damage to the sponsored banner due to vandalism and natural calamities. Any banners that are determined to be damaged and defective by the City Manager or his designee will be removed.
  7. In the event of imminent high wind, the City of Xenia has the right to remove the banners from poles and reinstate such banners when appropriate.
  8. Banners shall be considered the property of the City of Xenia and shall not be returned to sponsoring agency, organization or individual for use anywhere else.


  1. Interested sponsors shall fill out and submit the application form to the following:

City Manager’s Office
Xenia City Administration Building
107 E. Main Street
Xenia, Ohio 45385

2. The application shall be accompanied by the required fee, which is set forth in the fee schedule in Part Two - Title Twelve, Chapter 298 of the Xenia City Code.

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