Fire Inspections

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Xenia Fire Division’s fire safety Inspectors conduct inspections during the construction and remodeling phase of both new and existing commercial buildings. We conduct routine fire safety inspections of all businesses within the City of Xenia including public and private buildings, daycare and eldercare centers, schools, hospital, hotels and motels, and many other buildings upon request or complaint.

Firefighters have it drilled into their heads that there are three priorities during fire suppression; life safety, incident stabilization, and property conservation. Two of these can be related to fire prevention; life safety and property conservation. An inspection program is the beginning of property conservation by protecting and removing the dangers of fire, before they start. Life safety goes hand in hand; by having a safe building, then egress paths allow for occupants to easily exit the building in an emergency.

A business can self-inspect annually or a Fire Division Inspector will complete an onsite Inspection. If at any point, you have questions or would like to schedule an in person inspection, please use the information on the back of this pamphlet to contact the Xenia Fire Division.

For this to work, public concern will be a huge part of its success. Thank you for your time, effort, and cooperation.

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