Operations Unit

Major of Operations Unit

It is the responsibility of Operations Unit to preserve the public peace, protect life and property, prevent crime, and to enforce city ordinances and state laws. Operations Unit has one Major, 4 Sergeants and 28 Patrol Officers who patrol on foot, in patrol cars and on bicycles, keeping careful watch for the safety of others.

Bike Patrol

The bike patrol is made up of full-time officers of the police division who attend extensive training in the use of police bicycles.  They patrol all areas of the city, including the neighborhoods and bike paths.  The Bike Patrol is unique in that it allows officers the freedom to patrol where a patrol car cannot.

C.R.T. (Crash Response Team)

The full-time officers that make up C.R.T receive advance training on reconstructing accidents scenes and speed determination.  The C.R.T is responsible for the investigation of all fatal or serious accidents where fatality is a possibility.  The C.R.T. members are available on a 24-hour basis.

  1. Etchison, Lon resize

    Lon Etchison

    Major of Operations Unit