About neXtPlan

neXt Plan will be a roadmap of the next 10 years in Xenia, and the community is the author of that plan. It will address land use, economic development, housing, mobility, utilities, public safety, and parks/recreation. neXt Plan is an update to X-Plan, which is the City's existing comprehensive plan.

neXtPlan includes three phases: Xplore, Xchange, Xecute.

  • Xplore: Community-wide survey and analysis of data, documented in the online Xplore Report - building the foundation for the plan.
  • Xchange: Community outreach phase including additional surveys, meetings, focus groups, and activities at community events - creating the goals and recommendations of the plan.
  • Xecute: Development, publishing and formal adoption of the actual plan with its goals, strategies, maps and implementation strategies.

neXtPlan is facilitated by City staff with the guidance and assistance of a diverse citizen group called "neXTeam".

neXtPlan is now in the "Xchange" phase. The Xplore process has been completed. The neXTeam helped City staff draft an online community survey, which asked Xenians what they felt should be the City's priorities for future development and community improvement. Hard copies were mailed to residents of neighborhoods with low survey response rates to ensure equal involvement among a Xenia's diverse population. The City received 477 responses, which exceeds the response received during the previous 2012 community survey.  City staff completed analysis and mapping of community data, publishing it and the survey results in the online Xplore Report

neXtPlan is being developed with the assistance of a grant from the Dayton Foundation, through the Del Mar Healthcare Fund, for the Livable and Age-Friendly Communities Project. Xenia recently became a member of the AARP's Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities. Being an Age-Friendly Community means making Xenia livable for residents of all ages, from cradle through retirement. The grant will help to reimburse fees for consultants and other related expenses involved in public outreach and development of neXtPlan.