What is Play Xenia?
Play Xenia is a recreation action plan for Xenia. It starts with the community goals and strategies expressed in X-Plan and identifies more detailed needs and action steps for issues such as park improvements, a potential recreation center, recreation programs, recreation-oriented economic development and partnerships with non-city entities.

Play Xenia includes the following key components:
- Recreation needs assessment
- Extensive public input that includes surveys, online participation, community meetings and focus groups
- Direct involvement of key recreation stakeholders, including policy makers, facility owners, business owners and program/league managers
- An action plan that includes recommendations and prioritization/phasing for park improvements, potential joint-use facilities, and program enhancement/coordination

View documents and more information on the Play Xenia web page.

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1. What is Play Xenia?
2. Why does Xenia need another plan?
3. Doesn’t Xenia already have a recreation plan?
4. Did citizens have a say in Play Xenia?
5. What has come out of the Play Xenia process?