Why does Xenia need another plan?
X-Plan identified a range of recreation needs and potential initiatives. It also recommended that the City develop a Parks and Recreation Master Plan in order to coordinate all of these initiatives. Play Xenia will serve as the City's new Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

Play Xenia is not a comprehensive, multi-topic vision plan like X-Plan. Nor is it a repetition if any portion of X-Plan. It's a logical next step for recreation - now that we have identified general priorities and direction, it's time to develop a work plan that identifies and delegates tasks, develops partnerships and determines funding sources/availability and cost estimates.

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1. What is Play Xenia?
2. Why does Xenia need another plan?
3. Doesn’t Xenia already have a recreation plan?
4. Did citizens have a say in Play Xenia?
5. What has come out of the Play Xenia process?