What prompted the City of Xenia to pursue this project? Why is the project needed?
The Xenia Police Division (XPD) for many years has been operating solely out of the basement of City Hall. Currently, the area occupied by XPD is approximately 6,000 square feet. A recent space needs analysis completed by a local architectural firm concluded that the current space of the Xenia Police Division is slightly less than half of the space needed for a department of its size. In addition, given the current interest rate environment, if the city were to ever undertake a remedy to this problem, now would be the right time to do so.

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1. What exactly is the project that is being proposed by the City of Xenia?
2. What prompted the City of Xenia to pursue this project? Why is the project needed?
3. If a larger Police Facility is needed, why isn’t the plan to build a new Police Facility instead?
4. If there are limited funding sources available for this type of construction why (how?) can there be for a new City Administration Facility?
5. Because a portion of the debt for the new facility involves enterprise funds, are my rates going to increase?
6. Has the city explored any other options for relocation of either City Administration Offices and/or the Xenia Police Division?
7. City staff have acknowledged publicly that the city is projecting a negative cash flow this year. Why is this project even being considered?
8. You say the need for the project is rooted in the need for more space for the Police Division. Is anyone else benefitting from the project other than Xenia city employees?
9. Why isn't this project on the ballot for the voters to decide?
10. What is the cost of this project?