What is the Property Maintenance Code?
Adopted in 2014, this code is a collection of minimum standards that ensure maintenance of private property in a clean, safe and sanitary condition, so as not to cause a blighting influence or health/safety hazard for a property’s occupants or the surrounding neighborhood. Examples of Property Maintenance Code standards include:

Buildings: Exterior painting/siding, structural integrity, presence of basic utilities, sanitary interior surfaces, light/ventilation, plumbing/electrical equipment
Sites: Tall grass/weeds, garbage accumulation, grading/drainage, inoperable vehicles, parking in the grass.
The City of Xenia currently utilizes an amended version of the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code published by the International Code Council. The code is located in Title 6 of Part 14 of the Xenia Codified Ordinances.
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1. What is the Property Maintenance Code?
2. Why does the City enforce a Property Maintenance Code?
3. How does the City enforce the Property Maintenance Code?
4. What happens when there is a violation? Are there fines or court charges?
5. What is the Community Checkup (proactive enforcement)?
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