How did the Downtown Safety Project improve safety?
  • Resurfacing and restriping of Detroit St. between Church St. and Home Ave., installing a 2-way protected bike lane between Church St. and 3rd St., with a 3-ft. buffer and physical barrier protecting cyclists from motorists.
  • Expanded median on W. Main St. at Creekside Trail crossing to limit turning movements and reduce vehicular accidents. Median and improved warning signals at this location will also improve the safety of pedestrians/cyclists crossing W. Main St. 
  • Consolidation of West/King signals into one signal at Galloway St./W. Main St. to improve traffic flow and prevent intersection blockage due to existing signals being too close to other signals.
  • Reconfiguration of W. Church St./N. Detroit St. intersection to change angle of approach for southbound right turns, and eliminate the "5th leg" approach to Detroit Blvd., improving vehicular safety.
  • Relocate Market/Detroit pedestrian crossing to safer south side of intersection, install new red-flashing overhead pedestrian hybrid beacon to better alert approaching motorists.
  • Relocate Home/Detroit bike/pedestrian crossing to Hill St./Detroit St. with new RRFB signal, protective median and new bike path directly connecting Ohio-to-Erie Trail to bike hub.
  • Reduce southbound Detroit St. through lanes from 2 to 1 to to ease pedestrian crossings and discourage speeding without causing traffic delays.

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1. Why did the City undertake this project?
2. How did the Downtown Safety Project improve safety?
3. How much did this project cost? Why is the City spending money on this instead of fixing other City streets?
4. How does the protected bike lane work?
5. Those new parking spaces on Detroit Street are unusual. Aren't they too small?
6. What's the deal with the northbound curb lane on Detroit St.? Is that for parking or driving?
7. Why did the City reduce the southbound travel lanes on Detroit St.?
8. What does the green pavement mean?
9. Aren't the angled parking spaces on S. Detroit St. near Third St. pointed the wrong direction?
10. Why did the City change the southbound right turn lane on Detroit St. at Church St.? Trucks are having trouble with it.
11. How do the new pedestrian crossings work on Detroit St. at Market St. and Hill St., and the Creekside Trail crossing on W. Main St.?