How does the protected bike lane work?

The two-way protected bike lane on Detroit St. essentially acts like a bike path next to the road, similar to what exists at the intersections of N. Detroit St. with Weaver St. and Kinsey Rd. It is also similar to a crosswalk. With the exception of the intersection of Detroit/Main, cyclists should treat all crosswalks the same way that pedestrians do: Cross on the "walk" signal after looking both ways and ensuring that traffic is stopped. Vehicles at these locations should always take care to ensure there are no pedestrians or bikes in the crosswalk.

At the Detroit/Main intersection, there is actually a bike signal on the west leg of the intersection, where the protected bike path crosses Main St. This signal, which is actuated by bikes approaching the intersection or by pressing a button, tells cyclists when it is safe to cross. At the same time, when the bike signal is green, all Main St. traffic and all southbound right and northbound left turning Detroit Street traffic is given a red light. This is an added measure that prevents vehicles from entering the crosswalk when cyclists are crossing.

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