Why did the City reduce the southbound travel lanes on Detroit St.?

Before this project, there were two southbound through lanes on Detroit St. from Church St. to approximately Hill St. A traffic study completed prior to this project showed that, even at peak travel times, reducing the number of southbound through lanes to one would not cause noticeable traffic delays. This is likely due to two factors: (1) Much of the traffic headed from southbound Detroit St. to westbound Main St. turns west on W. Church St., avoiding the widest section of Detroit St. altogether, and (2) US-68 is only two to three lanes wide throughout the majority of its length in Xenia. Many motorists using the old extra southbound lane were using it as a right turn lane at intersections. 

Removing one of the southbound through lanes allowed the City to (1) have sufficient space for the protected bike lane, (2) have sufficient space to keep most on-street parking, which is a priority for downtown businesses, and (3) reduce the width of moving traffic that pedestrians must cross.

It is important to point out that traffic passing through downtown Xenia is not the only user of the Detroit Street right of way. Ultimately, the right-of-way must also serve vehicles parking in downtown Xenia, cyclists visiting or traversing downtown via the Little Miami Scenic Trail, and pedestrians walking through downtown. This is a delicate balance that, before completion of this project, was tilted toward traffic passing through downtown. 

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