Why does Xenia need neXtPlan?

neXtPlan, or Xenia's comprehensive plan, helps Xenia become proactive. It identifies activities that public officials and private partners can undertake to proactively improve our community. It markets our community’s assets/opportunities both internally and externally.

The plan empowers citizens by allowing them to determine the community’s future – not just City staff or outside influences. It also educates the public and promotes their involvement in the City’s future. It builds consensus among citizens/businesses/leaders around a vision, helping to ensure that the private and public sectors are “rowing in the same direction.”

The comprehensive plan can leverage resources by helping the City prioritize actions and expenditures and target them strategically, maximizing bang for the buck. It also helps to identify funding sources (e.g. grants) and partnerships, and improves the City’s ability to pursue them.

This plan can guide decisions by providing detailed information that helps leaders anticipate community needs and expectations (short-term and long-term) when making funding or policy decisions. It establishes a rational, defensible basis for zoning decisions. Additionally, the plan helps developers/ businesses/property owners identify opportunities and gauge the success of pursuing them.

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2. Why does Xenia need neXtPlan?
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