Do Xenia citizens have a voice in neXtPlan?

Absolutely! In fact, neXtPlan is citizen-driven

First, a diverse group of residents and community leaders (called "neXTeam") has been convened to advise City staff on community involvement and issues to address. 

Second, 477 Xenia residents participated in an online opinion survey in 2022-2023 to help identify the direction of neXtPlan. Check out the Xplore Report to see the responses plus other information.

Third, there are a whole series of meetings, activities at community events, and additional online participation opportunities planned, to engage Xenians in the creation of neXtPlan. Click here to see the schedule of neXtPlan events.  This page will be continually updated as event dates/locations are finalized.

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1. What is neXtPlan?
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3. Do Xenia citizens have a voice in neXtPlan?