Everyone seems focused on the rights of the defendant.
Why is that? In our country, any person accused of a crime is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. That person also has a right to face their accusers in a court of law. Our criminal justice system requires many painstaking steps to protect these rights. The system is designed to make sure innocent people aren’t sent to jail or prison. As a result, court proceedings often seem cumbersome or confusing. Although it may seem the system puts the rights of the accused ahead of the victim’s needs and concerns, it is important to remember that prosecutors, judges and other in law enforcement are working hard to make sure that correct person pays the consequences of the crime.

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1. How often will I have to appear in court?
2. What if court dates conflict with my job?
3. Everyone seems focused on the rights of the defendant.
4. What if the defendant’s attorney wants to talk to me?
5. What should I wear?
6. Why have I been given a subpoena?
7. What is expected of me as a witness?
8. Where do I go?
9. Do I have to bring anything along?
10. Who will be asking me questions during the trial?
11. What will happen when the defense attorney questions me during the trial?
12. Why are there delays in holding the trial?
13. How long will the trial take?
14. What should I wear?
15. What is a Victim Impact Statement?