Who can get a Civil Protection Order?
You can apply for a CPO if you are related to the Respondent by blood or marriage and have lived with respondent at any time, if you are living with or have lived with the Respondent during the past 5 years, if you used to be married to the Respondent or you have a child with the Respondent, whether or not you ever married or lived together.

You can also get a CPO for any member of your household.

You may be able to get a CPO if you have been dating the Respondent; if you share family or financial responsibilities with the Respondent, and you have an intimate relationship with Respondent.

If you are in this situation, you may need legal assistance or want to pursue civil stalking protection orders. Contact an attorney or Ohio State Legal Services at 800-589-5888.

Remember that a CPO has limits. If you suspect that the Respondent will not obey the terms of a CPO, contact your local domestic violence program or the Ohio Domestic Violence Network at 800-934-9840.

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1. Who can get a Civil Protection Order?
2. Do I need an attorney to obtain a Civil Protection Order?